Shipping information for BacciPaintball

Lead time (preparing and packing) on orders is typically 7 to 14 days. Gea prefix items and paint guns take longer to pack since.

I typically make one trip to mail packages per week after orders are packed.

I ship packages domestic and international packages either first class or Priority and both are very safe shipping methods.

Occasionally I ship FedEx and USPS.

For Domestic packages (inside the US) both 1st class and priority travel at the same speed.  Packages under 16oz can travel 1st class and anything over 16oz ships priority (or UPS / FedEX).

I do not ship express via USPS or any other service.

For International packages (outside the US) 1st class can be incredible slow but priority is typically much fast (depends on your countries customs though). 1st class packages can weight more than 16oz for some international shipments. Some small flat items can ship cheaper (patches, sears, wire nubbins, etc) but 99 percent of items will need to go 1st class.

Any questions please contact me!