Thank you for your interest in classic paintball! At you can find tons of classic paintball items for most paintguns produced before 2000 (Nelson based pumps, Sheridans, Sterlings, Snipers, Autocockers, Automags, Vm-68, Tippmanns, F1-F4s, Spyders), we also carry a wide selection of classic gear and memorabilia.

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Make sure you enter your Code and Pin correctly with capital letters in upper case!

3. Find something interesting to purchase, (two left handed gloves? A woodstalk mask? Several Talon Ghosts?)

4. Once you have found the items you intend to purchase navigate to:

5. Once you are viewing your cart enter your coupon code into the discount code box and hit apply code.

6. Next calculate shipping and then proceed to checkout and in the last step of checkout your coupon code will
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