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What's up with Bacci Paintball dot com?

For the past 15 or so years I've been collecting paintball memorabilia and researching paintball history. I built BacciPaintball.com as a way to offer parts for the vintage paintguns and document the history surrounding them which. Baccipaintball.com mainly deals with Late 80's and Early 90's items including guns, parts, memorbilia and much much more.

BacciPaintball.com is an easy (hopefully) to navigate source for classic paintball enthusiasts to find those older guns, parts, memoribilia and much much more. I am always open to suggestions to improve this site. I do everything myself so there will constantly be problems and things I've overlooked and I always appreciate feedback and having errors pointed out so i can fix them.

On the site blog, oldnews, I post articles on paintguns, teams from the late 80 till the mid 90s, manufacturer information, neat products, scans and photos and all other types of history I come across.

On youtube I'm constantly upload videos to the main channel, http://www.youtube.com/baccipaintball that are edited with relevant scans and photos from contributors. On the shorts channel, http://www.youtube.com/baccipaintballshorts videos that aren't edited and quick interviews are uploaded.

On the baccipaintball facebook I post shorter oldnews article almost everyday. Slowly I move the info over to the blog. This information usually includes neat patches, unique paintguns, items I'm about to post to inventory on the site and a lot more.

And on the facebook page for So Cal Stock Group I help Sonny Phommarine with videos and various things for our Southern California Stock Class and Stick feed pump group. If you are in or around Southern California and enjoy, as Sonny says, "a more Pure version of the game," then join us for our next event. Sonny manages to pull a game off every month and these games are PACKED! We've been having from 40 to 70 people and it's been awesome.
Check out our So Cal Stock videos on youtube here.

If you are into classic paintball and want to learn more and enjoy a community of like minded easy going paintballers I would recommend mcarterbrown.com

And for a comprehensive online museum on paintball guns, hoppers and masks check out Vintage rex and for other resources check out the links page.

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