PMI Piranha Tournament Special Long Barrel

PMI Piranha Tournament Special Long Barrel

PMI Piranha Tournament Special Long Barrel

PMI Piranha Tournament Special Long Barrel
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From the Collection of Jeff Perlmutter, co-founder and president of Pursuit Marketing, Inc.
Find more of Jeff Perlmutter's collection here.
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This particular PMI Piranha Tournament Special Long Barrel features the rare, uncracked molded polymer rear sight block, my favorite PMI rubber grips and a standard finish frame.

Engraved with "Piranha Tournament Special" on the end of the barrel and "Airgun Designs Turbo Valve" on left side of paintball gun. Nickel staining around solder on feed. AGD factory engraving on the left side looks good. Tournament Special Barrel engraving does look clear.

Engraving on these and other PMI Piranha Tournament Specials is very light and delicate. Original polished nickel patina in overall excellent condition.

Please keep mind that this item has patina consistent with its age.

History of the PMI Piranha "Tournament Special" Long and Short Barrel Paintball Guns

The PMI Piranha Tournament Specials were a very limited run by the factory for PMI’s sponsored teams only.

In the 1989 Masters Tournament, The Lords of Discipline played Sudden Death in the final game. Both sponsored PMI teams, with the majority of their players shooting Piranha Long Barrels (with Youngblood likely being the exception).

Many other teams were shooting Piranhas at the time and around this time PMI capitalized on the Piranha Long and Short Barrel’s tournament success by creating the Nickel plated PMI Tournament Special Long and Short Barrels.

The Tournament Special model featured Airgun Designs’ turbo valve, slimmed down cup seal and lightened hammer setup, with the AGD engraving on the side of the paintball gun as well as "Piranha Tournament Special" engraving near the front of the barrel.

I've seen very few polished nickel PMI Piranha Tournament Specials pop up over the years and these rank as one of the rarest direct feed pump models that PMI produced, along with the factory engraved AGD turbo valved blackened brass Piranha Long and Short Barrels.

All of the PMI Piranha Tournament Special paintball guns being offered from Jeff’s collection were custom built by the factory for the top PMI sponsored professional teams like Lords of Discipline, captained by Bill Zoll and PMI Piranhas Captained by Caleb Strong (one of the first NSG franchisees, first indoor gamefield operator and subsequently a minority shareholder in PMI). Jeff estimates that less than 30 nickel plated PMI Piranha Tournament Specials were built total, including both Short and Long barrels.

The PMI Piranha Tournament Specials offered on have been retained by Jeff for his own use (a couple used and a couple never used) as he was a member of both the PMI Piranha's and Lords of Discipline at different times.

These guns were hand made in very limited quantities and were “state of the art” in their day, used by the best paintball teams in the world which was integral in how the Sport Of Paintball was built.


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PMI Piranha Tournament Special Long Barrel

PMI Piranha Tournament Special Long Barrel

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PMI Piranha Tournament Special Long Barrel
Items from this collection ship directly from Jeff Perlmutter and are not in the possession of Bacci Paintball dot com.

Jeff Perlmutter, co-founder and president of Pursuit Marketing, Inc., has asked for the help of BacciPaintball to offer his collection of paintball guns, equipment, and parts to the public.

With this offering I am excited to help pass some of these pieces on to other paintball collectors and paintball museums that are looking for truly one of a kind designs and artifacts of paintball history.

If there is any further description of condition or provenance please feel free to ask. On some of the items, listing price upon request, it is currently undecided if they will be available for sale or not. Purchase of these will require a conversation with Jeff as anything can be made available, depending on price. Someone can always make an offer but know that nothing here needs to be sold.

Please direct all inquiries and questions to BacciPaintball.

I will be coordinating questions on items and offers to the owner, Jeff Perlmutter. This will ensure order of offers, questions to be answered and added to photos for public knowledge and history.

These paintball guns and items have sat for years, if not decades unused. A few will need to be taken apart, cleaned, have the seals replaced, some parts may be non operable or missing. Others are new in box condition or have been cleaned and restored by Jeff, the owner. Please do your best to look at the photos and know what you are buying. Shipping will be via USPS, UPS or Fed Ex buyer's discretion. The shipping and insurance cost IS NOT INCLUDED. After payment is received Jeff will be shipping items. Most paintball guns are in excellent working condition but a few will be sold as is, and needing rebuilds. Anyone interested in these knows that repairs to these “analog” collector items are simple and inexpensive (common o rings etc.) If you have questions please ask them as soon as possible and make sure to ask them before you pay.

All sales are final and items are sold as is. Jeff and I have described these items to the best of our knowledge and more photos can be taken based on requests from serious buyers.

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